Balustrades, Stylish and Safe

Frameless Glass Balustrades is the perfect barrier between you and your view. Therefore, we designed them to be stylish as well as safe. Beauty and safety is the key components when deciding on frameless glass. 

There are various balustrade options to consider. 

Side Mouted:

Spigot mounted:

Channel Fixed:


Post Fixed:

Safety first

We do not compromise on safety when design and installing your frameless balustrade. We have dedicated engineers that assist with the balustrade structural integrity. This is very important as building inspectors are more and more insisting on an engineer’s sign off when installing new glass balustrades. Being in the industry for more than 15 years I have seen some horrendous installations that makes one both ice cold and your blood boiling at the same time. Cold with fear of what could happen and blood boiling because of incompetent so called frameless glass installers. (Take no short cuts, rather take the stairs.)

We frequently do impact testing on glass to ensure that we comply with regulations